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    Booher Brothers Custom Digs is a family owned and operated earth moving company that serves homeowners, businesses, and contractors in and around the Sacramento area and surrounding foothills. We offer a wide range of equipment, services, and experience t
    We started our business as a small operation using our equipment to help friends and family on their farms in the local area. As we have grown, expanding our equipment and experience, we earned our California C-12 Contractor’s License (#1060775) in 2019 a
    We approach our business as an opportunity to serve our community and build lasting relationships with our customers. We bring a positive problem solving attitude to the job-site and pay attention to the details from start to finish. We are committed to d
    At Booher Brothers Custom Digs, WE DIG 4 U!
    Contact Paul Booher at (530)409-2338 or Doug Booher at (916)836-7904 for a free estimate today. Or email us your inquiry and job description at:
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Our Services


We can customize any trench in depth or width for utilities, general plumbing, public works, drainage, retailing walls, footings, or concrete pours.

When constructing a new home or adding an addition to an existing structure, trench digging prepares the job site for the installation of utilities such as water mains, telephone lines, and gas mains. Booher Brothers Custom Digs specializes in digging trenches up to 6 feet deep with any width our customers require. We've worked with several contractors on new construction projects and the excavation of 100-year-old water lines buried under public streets.

Grading and Compaction Services

Every project, from home construction, to private road grading, to general landscaping, requires a solid foundation. At Booher Brothers, we offer our customers professional land grading services that level and compact the base of any construction project.

Every project, whether it's a home construction or landscaping job, requires a solid foundation. At Booher Brothers Custom Digs, we offer customers professional land grading services that level and slope the base of construction sites to their unique specifications. Whenever we perform rough and finish grading, our goal is to stay on-time and on-budget, while paying close attention to details.

Land clearing
Land Clearing, Site Prep, and Debris Removal

Our team and equipment can help you get your big or small project started or finished. We clear land and debris to prepare footings and pads to your specifications, cut and fill as required, and remove/haul away earth and construction materials.

Before a construction project begins, it's necessary to remove any plants, rocks, or debris on the site that may obstruct the operations of the contractors. Our experience in land clearing enables my brother and I to remove everything from rocks to fully grown trees from your job site. You can count on us for all of your plot clearing and job site cleanup needs throughout Colfax, CA.

General equipment
General Equipment Services

We offer a wide variety of other services and equipment, from augurs to compactors to rock crushers. We also offer dirt and rock delivery services as well. Give us a call before you rent the equipment yourself, as we can often offer you our team and equipment at a comparable rate and save you the hassle.

Property is often the largest investment many people make in their lives, so it deserves the best protection possible. My brother and I assist homeowners and businesses with property protection and preservation through post hole digging. We are happy to manage the foundation and footing prep process for the installation of fences and ground mount solar arrays. If you are planning on fencing in your front and back yard, call us at (530) 409-2338 for a quote on our digging services today.

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